Who are we?

Towing Solutions and Consulting (TSC) is helping the towing industry find workable and results-driven solutions that directly impact a towing company’s bottom line and position it for future success and sustained growth.

We live towing and recovery. As part owners of a large, successful Midwest towing company, we understand fully the challenges of maintaining profitability in today’s markets. We are sharing our knowledge to help other towing companies reach their profitability goals and ultimately, improve our industry.

Towing company owners/managers will take away the knowledge and materials needed to know their true costs associated with day-to-day operation, as well as proven ideas to reduce costs. They will be left with the tools to accurately set their prices so they always operate at an acceptable profit margin on each and every tow. They will also be guided on ways to find additional revenue streams that can dramatically enhance their bottom line profit. They will possess the groundwork to make their operations run efficiently at all times as well as strategies for purchasing equipment and operating within the framework of the ever changing towing laws.

Towing & Recovery Management Summit St. Louis, Missouri
Western States Tow Show San Diego, California
Watch for new additions to TSC’s seminar line-up, including CNG Truck Towing and Recovery with chassis expert Dayton Shepard.
April 10 Florida Tow Show Seminar

Price Per Call versus Cost Per Call

July 16 Towing & Recovery Management Summit

The Art of Writing RFPs

September 10 Tennessee Tow Show

Operating Costs 101

October 1 Western States Tow Show

Optimized Billing
Operating Costs 101

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Perecting Your Billing ProcessFinding Good Employess
Our Expertise
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing profit
  • Boosting towing company growth — revenue, profit and market share
  • Using technology to maximize profits
  • Request for Proposal writing
  • Identifying new and overlooked revenue sources
  • Identifying operating costs
  • Equipment purchasing strategy
  • Refining the billing process
  • Employee retention

Brad McIntosh
Brad attended Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Ky., where he graduated with a Business Management degree with a concentration in Finance and Marketing. After leaving a career in the automotive software industry, Brad got his start in the towing industry with the well-established Sandy’s Towing in Dayton, Ohio. After starting in the accounting department, he worked his way to management after establishing a track record of sound financial decision-making and profit driven processes and procedures. He has helped grow the company in several aspects including revenue, profit and regional market share while dramatically reducing costs. He has been very successful at R.F.P. writing and obtaining new business contracts. Brad’s expertise is using technology to maximize profits and identifying missed revenue opportunities that can significantly improve year-end profits.

Brad Thoma
Brad began his career in the towing industry with formidable Sandy’s Towing in Dayton, Ohio. Upon joining the Sandy’s team, he was tasked with overhauling the billing and receivables process. Additionally, Brad was looked upon to generate new accounts while maintaining the over 500 national accounts. During his tenure, Sandy’s has seen over a 55 percent increase in revenue. After a proven track record of success, Brad was promoted to operations manager for Sandy’s Towing. Additionally, he was instrumental in the planning and operational functionality for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief in 2012. While in the Northeast, he recruited and managed in excess of 140 towing operators to assist in the nearly four-month process. He is a graduate of Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Ky., receiving a degree in business administration with a focus on business management. Brad specializes in the understanding and grooming of the billing process, generating revenue streams and business development.

1. Evaluating Management Metrics: Assist owners in establishing oversight processes so they spend time working on their business instead of in their business.

2. Technology Tools: Technology can save a towing company money and staff, if properly used. We help owners understand the how’s and what’s of available technology.

3. Optimized Billing: It’s only income to a company’s bottom line if it’s in the bank account. Owners learn how to better process invoices so they get paid on time, every time.

4. Determining Operating Budgets: Reducing costs can be a lifesaver in a business used to living off a line of credit. Setting a realistic operating budget is a key to this success.

5. Maximizing Company Value: Owners learn to increase profitability to maximize the value of their companies.

6. Making Marketing Work: Getting the best R.O.I. from advertising dollars includes targeting the correct markets through the correct channels.

7. Operating Costs 101: Knowing true operating costs helps owners turn a profit on every call as well as find additional revenue streams that fall directly to the bottom line.

8. Keeping Good Employees: Knowing how to attract and maintain the best employees, including offering affordable performance-based incentives, benefits everyone.

9. The Art of Writing R.F.P.s: Writing effective R.F.P.s can gain more contracts and customers without adding overhead expenses.

10. Fleet Profitability: Deciding what equipment to purchase in order to best fit your business mix can mean the difference between a little and a lot of profit.

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